Beer tasting sessions

on the base of beers of a mixed fermentation

Typical Flemish beers : In this category we find red-brown and brown beers. The latter category is better known as ‘old brown’. The red-brown beers of South-West Flandres are brewed with redish barley malts and spicy hop varieties. These ingredients contribute to a complex and spicy flavours. After the main fermentation (with slightly sour yeast containing lactic acid bacteria) a part of the brewage is pumped over in oak barrels to ripen. After a long period of ripening the beer is filtered and adulterated with younger beer. A kind of beer usually associated with Flandres is “Old brown”. These sweet-sour beers, originated from the region of Oudenaarde and Zottegem, are created by adulterating older and younger varieties, which ripen afterwards in lager tanks. In those big metal lager tanks the beer turns sour under the influence of lactic acid bacteria in the air. This kind of beer is also combined with (black) cherries.