… to the fantastic world of Belgian beers. The Belgian beer culture numbers some 120 breweries, responsible for the brewing of around 1000 beers. The aim of “”t Brugs Bierinstituut” is discovering this fantastic world together with you.

The Belgian beer culture has some unique aspects that can’t be found back anywhere in the world. That is the reason why Belgian beers are renowned for their diversity and excellent quality. Many pronouncements of famous beer connoisseurs prove this :

-“I’ve come to recognize how bewildering rich the Belgian beer culture is.” (Jean Blaute)

- “Belgium should use its image of number one beer country even more forcefully, for if there is something this country doesn’t have to get lessons from anybody else, it is beer.” ( Ray Cookes)

- “While great brewing nations like Germany, Britain and The Czech Republic struggle to find more than a handful of different styles of beer in current production, Belgium has hundreds.” (Tim Webb)

- “In its native gastronomy, Belgium is a land of beer, seafood and –after dinner – the world’s finest chocolate.” (Michael Jackson)